Return to the company website that you researched in the unit 1 discussion 2 and search for the most recent annual report. (Be sure you use the same company from your unit 1 discussion post.) This may also be listed as the “10-K,” which is the name of the required SEC annual filing.
From the Annual Report, (10-K), search for the Disclosure notes. These may be identified as “notes to the consolidated financial statements,” or some similar title. The notes often follow the financial statements in the table of contents.
Once you have located the disclosure notes, select three (3) of the following items and summarize the significant accounting policy regarding that item.
Policy regarding Revenue Recognition
Initial measurement, and Depreciation of Property, Plant and Equipment
Inventory valuation
Use of Derivatives
Loss Contingencies
Address the following in your initial post:
Identify the company and your summary. Note, do NOT copy and paste these notes into your post. You should read and then paraphrase the content.
Which stakeholder(s) would find this information useful? Why?
How could managers manipulate these policies? Why would they want to do so? Is this behavior ethically suspect, or good business management?
Note, be sure to properly cite your resources using APA.

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