My essay is regarding Theology, is the same like the previous order #
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What I have to do is an
Special Essay 4000 words but not now
the process is the following:
The module provides an opportunity for the study of a contested or
What I have to do is a special essay, it is a 4000 word essay, but it consists of 4 stages, the number
1. First stage is to send the topic which we are going to develop Our special essay, I already did this, it is formative, it does not have a brand but it must be delivered.
2. I need help with this The second stage is to complete the Proposal Form. After you have been assigned to a supervisor, you will work on an expanded version of the topic form known as a ‘proposal’. The proposal asks for a much more detailed explanation of the project, an initial bibliography of at least 10 items and reviews of three books or articles of relevance to your topic.
Develop each question:

Working title (1-2 sentences: must NOT be just one word) is an example
Keep this as clear, focused and as “answerable” as possible, noting specific church, geographical, historical, cultural or missional contexts, e.g. “Making sense of Dreams and Visions in Shona Pentecostal Churches in Zimbabwe today.”Rationale
Why do you feel this question is of interest, importance and use to others? What unknown, gap, problem or area of ​​disagreement suggests further attention?

Research question
What is the specific (answerable) “research question” which you will use to shed light on this problem area, and which you will use to as your main line of inquiry? E.g. How do both traditional and specifically Pentecostal perspectives inform the role, understating and function of dreams and visions in the lives of Shona Christians? ”

Possible structure
Indicate how your main research question might be broken down into distinct sub – goals, steps, and / or self – contained sections in the resulting work. Add projected dates next to these to indicate a plan of actual work that will bring the project to completion.

List ten books, articles or other academic sources on topics as close as possible to your actual research question. These should be works you have already read or intend to consult in the initial stages of the work. Indicate, if appropriate, which might be considered primary as opposed to secondary sources.

Initial reading
Fully review three of the above sources, writing approx. 250words each, showing how they help frame your initial thoughts on your project.
1 Book / Article
2 Book / Article
3 Book / Article
Then I will have to receive the recommendations of my supervisor to know if everything is fine in terms of the topic that I have chosen or if I have to modify something, that is why in this special essay we have to go step by step, first the topic I have chosen THEOLOGICAL RESPONSE ON REFUGEES IN 21ST CENTURY IN THE UNITED KINGDOM.

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