Knowledge Area Paper Assignment – Due at the end of Module 2, 4, 6, & 8 – 150 points

For each paper you will support the following requirements

  1. Write Introduction and conclusion that frame and wrap up All of the major points of the paper
  2. Cover all phases of the knowledge area according to PMBOK
  3. Cover all processes of the plan according to PMBOK
  4. Cover an explanation of adaptation of the knowledge area in Agile and Adaptive methodologies
  5. Add Bible verse(s) related to the knowledge Area with discussion and application to business today.
  6. Utilize the textbooks and at least 4 additional scholarly resources and is formatted in APA. DO NOT USE direct quotes as this does not support learning and is not supported in APA unless there is no other way to paraphrase in your own words without losing meaning. This is very rare and normally applies only to famous quotes, not textbook materials. The paper is without spelling and grammatical errors and is at least 5 pages long NOT including the Title and Reference page.

Consider the following in your paper

  1. Knowledge Area defined **
  2. How do the Knowledge Area work within the process groups Initiating, Planning, Monitoring & Controlling, and Closing processes? What happens in each process (where applicable)?
  3. How would you perform the Knowledge Area in Agile and other adaptive methodology environments?
  4. Give an example of the Knowledge Area from the Bible (include the verses). Explain how your example is an example of resource (or Stakeholder) management and explain how you would apply these Biblical principles in business today.

**For Module 2 – Choose either Resource Management or Stakeholder Management as your topic for this paper. You are not expected to do both. For Module 4 the topic is Communication, Module 6 Risk, and Module 8 Procurement

Paper Dynamics

Use the text books, Library, online search, or video references to support your writing with scholarly references. 4 References are required. APA Citations and references required.

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