Section #1: Short Answer Essays: (35 points each): All students must respond to each prompt. You may use the book, videos,
power points, and lectures, but may not use any outside sources or quotations from the book, movies, or power points.

A: Red Inferno
How does Robert Conroy depict the end of World War 2, in Europe? How does he explain the growing tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union as the war approached an end? Does he present a plausible scenario for a “hot” war between the US and the USSR, instead of the Cold War that actually develops? Why / Why not?

B: Course of the war
Compare and contrast the Pacific and European portions of World War II. Consider, especially, the role that political leaders in
both theaters played in the outbreak of war, the course of the war, and how the war ended.

C: Civilians and war
War impacted civilian populations very differently. Civilian bombings of Spain, England, Germany and Japan left many people
homeless. Scorched Earth in Russia had similar effects. For this essay, compare the impact of World War Two on the civilian populations in England with the civilians in Japan. How did the war impact civilians differently? What aspects would have been

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