Criteria Weight Mark
Introduction -Introduction is focused and sets the stage for the ensuing paper

  • Engaging opening sentence
  • Present the concept clearly and concisely (include supporting literature)
  • Purpose statement is clear and concise
  • Explain how the concept will be explored
Concept Description

  • Define/describe the concept according to literature
  • If applicable, include reference to relevant RNAO, CNO or CNA documents
Implications for nursing practice

  • Why is this concept important to nursing?
  • What do the professional nursing bodies say about the concept?
  • How does this concept relate to or apply to the therapeutic nurse-client relationship?

  • What does this mean to nursing and/or nursing practice?
  • What pre-conceived ideas or assumptions did you have regarding this concept prior to writing this paper and how has this changed?
  • How does this concept resonate with you personally and link with your knowledge/experience both past and present?


Use of scholarly literature

  • Integration of literature is apparent and woven appropriately throughout paper.

·         Minimum of five (5) current (2015-2020) references.  Five of those 6 references are to be from nursing peer reviewed journals. The other one reference must be peer-reviewed but not necessarily nursing-based. Beyond the minimum of six, other relevant resources may include (but not limited to) government sites, literature from professional associations (eg., CNA, CNO, RNAO), etc.

·         Some concepts may have seminal work published prior to 2015 and this work should be included.

Quality of writing

  • Use of APA (6th ed.) formatting, referencing, title page, citing and word count
  • Logical flow, organization, spelling, grammar, syntax and clarity of expression

  • Summarize key points and make links between the concept explored and what has been learned
Total 100  


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