Confidence Intervals, Hypothesis Testing, Sample Size
The “WA1_WA5_Executive Compensation” file indicates that the 85% of the sampled top-compensated executives are male, and 15% of the sampled executives listed are female. You are asked, through statistical analysis, to determine if the male executive population average compensation is significantly greater than the female average. Do not consider the outlier data identified in Module 1. (1, health, 106.6, m, 53)

Using Excel statistical functions and formulas:

Determine whether you should use the pooled t-test or the nonpooled t-test.
Provide a rationale.
Perform the hypothesis test.
Analyze the test results, state your conclusion(s), and provide the rationale for your statement(s).
Using Excel statistical functions and formulas:

Calculate the confidence interval.
Looking at the result, state your conclusion.
How does this result change or confirm your analysis and conclusion(s) from the hypothesis test? Provide a rationale.
Inferential statistics is used to test the likelihood that the difference between the means of two groups is due to chance. There are many situations where this type of analysis is useful. Provide a situation example of where you would test the differences between two means for each of the following categories.
For each example cited, do you think you would be using the pooled t-test, the nonpooled t-test, or the t-test for paired samples? Provide the rationale for each answer.

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