You are supposed to answer to the following questions on the book Frankenstein by Shelly. Write thougtfully and with several perspectives and make your own historical arguments. But most importantly, answer the questions in the way they are intended.

1. How is the novel a response to some of the ideas of the Enlightenment? Thinking about both the monster’s education and John Locke, what is Shelley’s position on knowledge and education, and how does this reflect Enlightenment values?

2. The novel, a sort of Gothic science fiction, clearly is deeply influenced some of the ideas of romanticism. How does Shelley use these ideas to heighten the drama of various events; what does she think about the ideals of romanticism

3. How do you think Shelley is reacting to the Industrial Revolution.

4. Mary Shelley’s mother was Mary Wollstonecraft, the first great modern feminist. Bearing that in mind, what do you think of the way women are portrayed in the book.

5. What exactly is it about the Creature that makes him not human? And who is the hero here, and why is he or she the hero?

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