Part 1: Using Excel, design and create the visualization that best plots the stocks in your portfolio (Projected 6 Data Collection attached). Your visualization should include all three corporations’ activities; that way the reader can contrast and compare the fluctuations of stock values over time. Do not overburden the design with too many labels; if necessary, create an explanatory legend. Make sure the final product is readable and undistorted as well as properly sized for legibility. Ensure the chart remains editable as I can continue to plot stock prices.

Part 2)Prepare a 350-word report displaying a summary analysis of your investment plan. Write the report in the objective third person and include the information requested below. Your analysis must incorporate the illustrative information presented in your graph by properly infusing numerical data in the discourse.
– What was the total value of your original investment?
– What dollar amount (of the original $50,000) remained in the investment account?
– Assume that the account would receive an annual rate of interest of 1¾%. How much interest would you have earned during the term?
– Calculate the gain/loss for each stock if the portfolio was sold today. Generate a summary table for comparison to assist the reader with a snapshot view of your portfolio’s performance.
– Rank the investments from the highest yield to the lowest yield. Assume management fees are ½% of the total sale price. What was the total gain/loss of the portfolio?
– What was the rate of return for this investment? How does the rate of return compare to your required rate of return (see cell F3 on the attached spreadsheet)?

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