1. In a minimum of a 500 word essay, how would you respond to either the rather radical first statement or the more moderate recommendation that follows it?

a. Radical response: “The Abrahamic religions are shot through with patriarchy and homophobia. If women and/or LGBT+ individuals are to achieve true equality, they must leave the oppressive structures of the traditional religions and form their own denominations.”

b. More moderate response: “What do you think about the more open welcoming positions of churches and mosques like 1) the Protestant Disciples of Christ, a founding organization of Chapman / Brandman University, 2) Anglican, the English Catholic Church, or 3) the non-denominational Unitarian or Unity churches or 4) progressive Islamic groups such as linked here — .

Be sure to include your definitions of what “patriarchy” and “homophobia” means with specific examples in your response.
Reference: Young, W. A. (2013). World’s Religions: World’s Views and Contemporary Issues 4th ed.

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