In a 2 to 3-page reflection paper, respond to the following: a. Summarize the main ideas and concepts from the training

b. Are all social workers opinions and perspectives on social issues and policy the same? What are some ways you think they should be the same and in what ways can social workers views and application of the code of ethics differ depending on faith or worldview? Are the views of conservative social workers just as valid and potentially helpful to culture and clients as those of liberal social workers? Explain.

c. Identify an issue you feel strongly about that relates to policy. What is the issue and what are your concerns about how it impacts clients or culture? Be specific and use the NASW Code of ethics to support its importance. Also, if you are a Christian, discuss your understanding for the Biblical support for the issue or how it should be approached.

d. Identify at least two things you can do as a social worker to advocate for the issue and discuss in detail how you would go about it.

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