1. What are the key areas that shaped your thinking about the course Literacy Development in Early Childhood.
2. What are the areas of the course you did not like?
3. What surprised you about the course?
4. What surprised you about the course?
5. What is the single most important thing that you will take away Georgia course. Explain?
6. Identify any two strategies to which you have been exposed in the course which you thought were exemplary. Explain the strategies and say why you consider them important. Cite sources to support your answer.
7.Using the KWL chart identify any gaps between what you wanted to know about Literacy and what you learnt during the course.
8. Discuss how the new learning would help you to plan effectively for literacy instruction in the early childhood classes
9. Out line the suggestions that you would recommend for improving the course
10. Please list five things that have not been captured in the above prompts, but which you think should be included in this final journal.

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