Topic 1: Keating and DeBoor describe both internal and external factors/trends to consider when conducting a needs assessment for curriculum development/revision. (a) Identify how one of the following factors/trends: economic, political, or social may influence regulation and/or accreditation of nursing programs.  (b) identify one circumstance when faculty will need to assess/revise curriculum. (c) a) How does research and evidence-based teaching practice (EBTP) impact how nursing curriculum is developed and program content learned?

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Resources (At least 2 peer reviewed in APA):


POST 2: Topic 2: You have been assigned to develop the curriculum for a new BSN program. Identify key documents and resources that you would consult to begin development of  the curriculum?

(c) What are some considerations faculty (nursing leadership) must consider when developing curricula for hybrid or online programs and

(d) offering online courses nationally (across states) and internationally. Provide references to substantiate content.


Initial: TYPE HERE (at least 400-500 words)

Resources (At least 2 peer reviewed in APA):

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