Review the case study of the Freed-Smith family provided in the Resources.
For your initial post in this discussion, choose a systemic model and explain how you would apply it with this family in order to treat their 17-year-old adolescent.
Use The Family Therapy Treatment Planner, With DSM-5 Updates to complete a treatment plan.
Include the systemic model and reference the DSM-5 in your diagnosis.

1. Identify the appropriate DSM-5 diagnosis for this specific case.

2. Explain rationale for the DSM-5 diagnosis that was selected

3. Explain how one would apply the selected systemic model to this specific client problem.

4. Select an appropriate systemic model to apply to this specific case

5. Identify short and long term goals in the treatment of the identified client problem.

Bennett, E. D., Le, K., Lindahl, K., Wharton, S., & Weng Mak, T. (2017). Five out of the box techniques for encouraging teenagers to engage in counseling. VISTAS Online. Retrieved from

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