For this activity you will need to plan and implement five fitness programs for clients in the age group of 13 to 17 years of age.

For each of the fitness programs you will need to:

1. Identify the fitness requirements of the clients through and interview and needs analysis.
2. Undertake a health appraisal.
3. Make referral to AHP for 2 clients where indicated in templates.
4. Develop plans for the exercise sessions.
5. Instruct the exercise sessions.
6. Review the exercise sessions.

These assessment activities may be undertaken using real clients in an actual fitness setting, or where that is not possible or practical, they may be undertaken in a simulated environment and/or using volunteers who will role-play the clients.

Where any simulation occurs the conditions must be consistent with the fitness setting, which means the available resources and conditions must be the same as in the commercial fitness setting.

Use the templates provided in the Answer Assist below to assist in the planning of the sessions, and in recording the details.

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