Topic: Implementing a Clinical Dashboard to Improve Quality Care and Maintain Patient Safety.

In this assignment, you will examine the various means for dissemination and determine which would most effectively convey the outcomes of your project. You will then create a plan of action for completing this final stage of your project.

Identify the various ways in which you can share the outcomes and lessons learned from the practicum project with your colleagues and with all of nursing.

Develop a plan for disseminating the results of your project beyond the primary stakeholders. Consider the following as you develop your plan:

  • The ideal format has a two-fold purpose: To effectively convey the project results and to reach the largest audience possible
  • Who is your target audience? Who will benefit most from the information? What is the best way to reach the largest number of people who would benefit from the information?


Summarize your dissemination plan. Address the following:

  • Who will be your target audience? Who will most benefit from the information?
  • How will you expand the reach and value of your practicum project?
  • What format will be the most effective to present your information?
  • What is your strategy for dissemination?
  • Would your project be better served with a formal or informal strategy?
  • Poster presentation (informal)
  • Published journal article, conference speech (formal)
  • Specific details, including when, where, and how you will disseminate

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