The most successful companies are not complacent.  They look for opportunities to make “big plays” that can disrupt the status quo and change the market dynamics.  Apple is a great example of a company that routinely disrupts the market.  The iPhone, for example, ushered in the era of smartphones and changed the way companies priced the technology.

In this assignment, you will apply this week’s readings on competitive dynamics. Research the streaming services industry. Take the role of one player and make such a play.  Your “big play” needs to be original to your company and not documentation of an existing example (like the iPhone mentioned above).

Competitive dynamics play a big role within most industries.  Your task is to analyze four firms that represent each of the competitive dynamic roles (leader, challenger, follower, nicher). The big players are Netflix, Hulu, Disney and Amazon. One of the firms has decided to make a bold move. It may be to introduce a new product, eliminate a product, change pricing, move into a different segment, etc.

  • Provide a synopsis of the industry and the firms.
  • Explain which role each firm typically occupies.
  • Identify which firm will take this action and explain the strategic reasoning behind this decision.
  • Identify the actions/reactions the other firms will or should take.
  • Analyze the short and long term impacts of this decision to the competitive dynamics of the industry.
  • Your analysis must be a minimum of 1,200 words. Your paper should formatted according to APA standards (double-spaced, Times New Roman,12-point font, 1-inch margins).


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