To prepare for this discussion, use the Internet or other means to obtain demographic information on a school in your district:

Visit your local school’s website and search for the school’s data profile sheet. If you live in a smaller community, you may find this on the district’s home page.
Call your local school district office and find out about the cultural demographics of your chosen school’s student population.
Use this data to address the following:

Briefly outline the specific demographics statistics of the school district in your area.
Identify your cultural heritage. Be sure to include your gender, race or ethnicity, religion, and socioeconomic status.
Discuss three advantages and/or barriers of your cultural characteristics that might impact your academic achievement in your current school district if you were a school-age child.
Considering the cultural, ethical, economic, legal, and political issues surrounding diversity and equality in your school district, identify two counseling theories (CBT, Gestalt, reality, or solution-focused) you could use to assist the identified diverse populations through school counseling programs. Provide supporting rationale.

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