Survey of economics Week 5

Part 1:

Locate a pop-culture reference to this week’s topic. Find a blog, video, song, cartoon, article, or graphic design that relates to class this week.  Post your pop-culture reference and answer the following questions

  • In 1-3 sentences, summarize your video, article, blog post, or song
  • In 2-3 sentences, relate this to the concepts discussed this week
  • In 2-3 sentences, do you agree with the author’s perspective. Why or why not in economic terms

As a note, your post must be “clean” – that is, if my grandma (who is fun loving, but still 90) would be embarrassed, please find something different to post.  Differently, keep it all PG-13.  Failure to follow this will result in no points for the week and increased scrutiny of all future posts.

The response to this post includes your own reflections on how the blog, video, song, cartoon, article, or graphic design relates to class materials.


Part 2

Listen to the song “Allentown” by Billy Joel.

In his song “Allentown,” Billy Joel sings about the demise of the steel and coal industries in Pennsylvania. Why do you think the loss of manufacturing jobs was so difficult on the workers in areas like Allentown and parts of the Midwest where manufacturing was once the largest employer? What type of unemployment is the song about? Can you think of other pop-culture songs that address unemployment, earnings, and the economy?

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