Matters of public health may be considered an area falling under the domain of state and local governments. Global pandemics such as COVID-19, however, are of such a scope that state and local governments may lack the capacity to address public health concerns.

Should the federal government (executive branch) take a large role in the response to a global health pandemic like COVID-19, or should it be left up to the states?

You MUST use one piece of evidence from one of the following foundational documents:

  • Tenth Amendment
  • Article II of the United States Constitution
  • Federalist No. 70

In your response, you should do the following:

  • Respond to the prompt with a defensible claim or thesis that establishes a line of reasoning.
  • Support your claim with at least TWO pieces of specific and relevant information.
  • One piece of evidence must be from one of the foundational documents listed above.
  • A second piece of evidence must be from any other foundational document not used as your first piece of evidence or it may be from your knowledge of course concepts.
  • Use reasoning to explain why your evidence supports your claim or thesis.

Civil Rights FRQ – Concept Application-1 page

Kentucky’s new Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear signed an executive order Thursday fulfilling his campaign promise of restoring the voting rights of up to 140,000 convicted felons who have completed their sentences.

Prior to the new legislation, only the governor could restore a felon’s right to vote. A number of states, including Nevada, Colorado, Washington and Florida, have taken steps over the last few years to loosen their voting laws when it comes to felons.

Washington, for example, passed a bill in 2019 requiring that the state inform inmates how to restore their voting rights after their incarceration.

And in Florida, voters approved a measure in 2018 permitting former felons (except for those convicted of murder or a felony sexual offense) to vote. But the battle for felons’ voting rights continues in the Sunshine State, as state lawmakers continue to add barriers for former felons to get to the polls. US News & World Report, December 2019

After reading the scenario, respond to the following.

  1. In the context of the scenario, describe an action the Federal government could take to refute the actions of the Kentucky governor.
  2. Referencing the scenario, describe how Congress has addressed the issue in the past.
  3. Explain how the difference in the voting rights of felons, as reflected in the scenario, demonstrates federalism.

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