An Interview with a Depressed and Suicidal Patient

Part 1:

After studying the assigned case in the Case Studies in Psychotherapy Workbook – “An interview with a depressed and suicidal patient” ( see attached workbook- case is chapter 6-pages 87 to 101)- at least 550 words, APA , and 2 references

  • In your own words, summarize the case in your video:
    • What was the case about
    • Who did it involve
    • What happened in the case
    • What caused the distress

Part 2

  • In your words explain how would you instruct this patient regarding the “automatic thought record” and “A Star is Born” during a patient session as a tool to relieve the patient in this case. ( both documents have been attached ) ; explain why would you use these tools and how are they beneficial for the patients – at least 400 words , APA , and 2 references


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