Below are my aims! I have attached a file which goes into further detail of what is expected of this literature review and the guidelines. Please follow this as strictly as possible! Thank you for your efforts in advance!!

1. Investigate what is the new technology that has been recently implemented in Santander (across all departments) and how this compares to traditional banking.

(including profits and losses of what these technologies have caused Santander)

2. To examine the effects of these technologies on Santander’s customers and to have a better understanding of what the customer’s connotations/opinions with e-banking etc are. (to be included: does the older generation have a more negative opinion and why that could be?, how many of Santander’s customers use online banking and other technologies within Santander)

3. To research the effects of e-banking within the labour market on a whole e.g how many jobs will be lost (and have been lost already) and gather the worries employees have about these recent technologies.

References must only be academic journals, books, consultancy reports and minimal online sources expect from Santander’s annual, strategic report etc which must be included.

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