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Case Study
It is, of course, not enough to create rich environments where people can share. Xerox provides lot of these environments: online knowledge universe with a catalog of best practices, chat rooms for CoPs, a company Yellow Pages and a section of the public website. Knowledge street, which is devoted to promote knowledge sharing. Also required are good ideas, leadership and motivated people. A few years ago, Jack Whalen, a sociologist, spent some time in Xerox customer service call center outside Dallas studying how people used Eureka.
The trouble was that the employees were not using it. Management therefore decided workers needed an incentive to change. To this end, they held a contest in which workers could win points (convertible into cash) each time they solves a customer problem, by whatever means. The winner was an eight-year veteran named Carlos, who had more than 900 points. Carlos really knew his stuff and everyone else knew this too. Carlos never used the software.

The runner-up however was a shock to everyone. Trish had been with the company only a few months, had no previous experience with copiers and did not even have the software on her machine. Yet her 600 point doubled the score of the third-place winner. Her secret was she sat right across from Carlos. She overheard him as he talked and she persuaded him to show her the inner workings of the copiers during the lunch breaks. She asked other colleagues for tips too.
1. (a) What are the reasons for the success of Trish?
(b) Is really the knowledge sharing the secret of Trish success or both technology and subject matter are also necessary?

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