English 102 Exploring a Controversy


Essay 3 is the final essay in your Exploring a Controversy project. In this paper you will reflect critically on your topic and what you discovered through your research.

Developing Your Focus

Choose one of the following questions, and use it to guide your reflection paper. Think of your thesis statement as an answer to the question you choose. Write in first or third person, whichever is more appropriate.

 Now that you have looked at both sides more deeply, how and why has your perspective shifted? What did you learn?

 What do you think is the essence of the disagreement on this issue? What really separates those on the pro side from the con side?

 What is the most complex part of this issue? How do you deal with that complexity?

 Is there a middle ground or room for compromise based on your understanding of the perspectives on the pro and con side?

 What have you learned about critical thinking by completing this project?

Additional Requirements  Word count target: 400-600 words.  Follow MLA format.  Use a minimum of 3 sources. These can be sources that you also used in Essay 2, but don’t plagiarize yourself by copying and pasting from previous papers.  This is a totally new essay with a completely different purpose. It should not closely resemble Essay 1 or Essay 2.  Incorporate and correctly cite information from your sources.  Provide appropriate in-text citations for all source material, whether quoted, paraphrased, or summarized, following MLA style.  Properly list all sources on your Works Cited page.  Carefully proofread before submitting your paper.

Grading Criteria Your essay will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

 Clear and focused thesis statement.  Paragraphs fully developed with detailed supporting evidence.  Effective essay organization to create a clear line of argument.  Clear and precise sentence-level rhetoric (grammar and style).

Consult the assignment rubric posted on Canvas for more detailed criteria.

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