Topic: Variables and Operational Definitions

In this discussion:

  • State your Research Topic, Objective/Purpose and Research Question(s).
  • List and label the variables, including independent, dependent, intervening, or moderating. (You mustinclude all four)
  • Explain the relationships among the variables. (How does each variable relate to the others?)
  • What is the purpose of operationalizingvariables? (Define the term and then explain it)
  • How would you operationalize the variables in your research question(s)? You can mention more than one possible option for these, as there can be different ways of operationalizing the same variables.


IV = calorie restriction
DV = weight loss

Your IV is “calorie restriction” so how are you defining this term for your project? is “calorie restriction” less than 1,200 calories a day? less than 800 cal/day? by the week? etc.)

For the DV term “weight loss,” is this considered 1lb? 2lbs? more than 10? less than 5? What happens if they lose ounces instead of a full pound? does it still count? It’s that level of specificity we’re looking for from your research proposal.

  • Discuss your research Then, develop a set of statistical hypotheses(null and alternative) from your identified variables that address your identified research question(s).
    • REMEMBER: There are two kinds of hypotheses we are working with: Research & Statistical.
      • Research Hypothesis is the idea you want to investigate.
      • Statistical Hypotheses are the ideas you want to dis/prove and are stated in a very specific manner using wording that is specific to each (null vs. alternate) as well as appropriate symbols (Ho or Ha/H1).
      • READ: In order to assist you in developing your understanding of the highlighted terms above, I am including the following supplemental resources for your review:

As a reminder, you must include some level of actual discussion that links your responses to knowledge gained from the assigned reading. Refer to the Course Expectations Guide for tips on posting requirements.

I will continue making APA related corrections on the discussion board for the benefit of everyone in the class. Please take note of the following “correction guide”

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