Title: Multiple sclerosis progression and the eye. What can OCT studies tell us about disease progression?
The use of OCT is ever increasing in daily optometric practice, but can these instruments be used to inform the clinician about neurological conditions? This study will review the literature to examine how OCT imaging of the retinal nerve fibre layer can provide clinical information about progression of the systemic disease.
Literature review in a CET style article. 5,000 words and 500 words for the overview statement.
Maximum 20 references- mostly peer reviewed journal articles- using APA referencing style.


• Abstract (250 words max)
• Introduction
• Main body- includes: data analysis, statistical approach using tables, graphs and figures
• Discussion
• Conclusion
• Overview statement (500 words max that’s not included in the 5,000 words)- includes: why the topic was chosen, how the search on the topic was conducted, summary of the principal findings and how its implicated and relevant in high street optometry practice.

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