Part1: What makes up organizational culture? Briefly describe its components. Name a company with a visible organizational culture. What do you think are the company’s values? Has the culture contributed to the organization’s performance? Explain.

Part2: Jean-Paul, an entrepreneur, employs 20 people, whom he supervises personally. However, within a few years, the company will likely employ 200+ people in production, sales, engineering, and administration due to the growing success of the company’s new products. Jean-Paul likes the current structure and wants to avoid other forms of departmentalization. Should Jean-Paul consider other forms of departmentalization as the company grows larger? Why?

*Don’t forget to ask your classmates questions and return to the discussion throughout the week to answer questions posed to you.

**A complete initial discussion post will consist of a response to both parts I and II. Make this as one post. Then, respond to your classmates posts.

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