Mini-presentation: Part 1 of task 2

  • You will prepare a mini presentation of approximately 2.5-3 minutes in length to communicate the case study of a learner to your peers.
  • The learner has to be de-identified in all aspects.

Mini-presentation guidelines

  • Part 1 – Mini Presentation 15%, 2.5-3 minutes (equivalent to 750 words per person)
  • Please note that exceeding the recommended time limit is not recommended.
  • Presentation length should be measured in minutes rather than words.
  • Note: If you do not upload your mini-presentation to the discussion boards by September 28, 2019 (at the latest), you may not receive feedback from peers in time to use it in the development of Part 2.
  • Part 1: Mini Presentation Due September 26, 11.59pm.

What to do if not on placement etc.

  • Think of a student you have taught
  • A friend’s or relative’s child
  • You may create your own learner

Your presentation should include:

  • Relevant background information about the learner.
  • Specific communication skills of your learner.
  • An explanation of how you found this information about the learner.
  • An explanation of specific aspects of the learner’s literacy and social skill development that need support.
  • NB: Focus only on the learner’s literacy and social skills.


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