1.1 Provide information about the company, including its strategy, how it competes in the marketplace, and its operations.
1.2 Describe the organisational form of the company using Mintzberg’s classification.
1.3 Present the value chain of the company using Porter’s Value Chain Model (Appendix 3). List and describe the primary and support activities.
1.4 Analyse the competitive strategy of the company using Porter’s competitive forces model. (Appendix 6) For each of the five forces, explain if that force is low, medium, or high, and explain why?

2.1 Identify a new information system which can clearly add value to the business of Uber (is it a primary or secondary activity according to Porter’s value model) and meets their specified.

requirements. Also, list the likely stakeholders of this new information system and define their roles.
2.2 Draw a rich picture (Appendix 1 and 5) showing ALL the issues and the concerns of the stakeholders you have identified.
2.3 Draw a process model (Appendix 2) using the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) for the process of the new information system you have identified.
2.4 Use the DeLone-McLean Model (Appendix 4) of Information System Success to describe the areas in which the existing information system has not been successful.
2.5 Describe the dimensions of impact of your new information system; identify intended effects (and negative effects) and describe the impact of the new system on the organisation, groups, and individuals.
2.6 Describe the measures of success (efficiency, efficacy, and effectiveness) for the proposed new information system.
2.7 Classify the new information system within the company as either: front-end, back-end, customer-facing, or supplier-facing.

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