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Write a formal essay in response to the following question:

Inclusion is a key priority within the education. Discuss critically the concept of the ‘inclusive school’ and its implications for the education system in general, and for you as an individual teacher in particular.

Your answer should be 3000 words in length and address the following criteria:

  1. Reflect critically on those aspects of your educational issue specified in your question, showing a high level of critical awareness in the discussion.
  1. Support and explores thinking, where appropriate, by use of references to; placement experience; issues covered in course classes; academic reading, in particular, relevant academic journals. 
  1. Write in an accurate, clear, structured and coherent manner, within the appropriate standards of academic presentation, including referencing conventions.

The assignment is marked out of 100. You have to score at least 50/100 to pass at this Level.


In order to address assessment criterion1:

You should discuss and critique some theory and demonstrate an understanding and critical overview of Inclusion.

The key discussion must relate to theory and research using academic reading. If you reference you school placement you should ensure that it is relevant, and is being used to exemplify or help explain what the research/ theory says.

In order to address assessment criteria 2 and 3:

These are identical for all assignments. You should know by now how to meet them. However, it seems necessary to stress again that:

  • You must use the APA referencing convention accurately
  • You MUST read again the guidance in the Rubric
  • What you write must be your own work

General Criteria:

  • Addresses task in a clear, structured, coherent manner
  • Demonstrates critical understanding of the concept of inclusion within education, including detailed knowledge of theoretical and political considerations and perspectives
  • Analyses the practical and professional implications of inclusion policies for the school system and for teachers, reflecting a high level of critical awareness in the discussion
  • Makes effective use of academic reading and other appropriate sources, including a wide range of research literature, to inform discussion and argument

Assessment Criteria:

For Assessment Criterion 1:

  1. You should make sure that you write about what theoreticians and researchers have to say about inclusion. You should make reference to an extensive range of reading
  2. You should show, by the way you analyze what you learned from your reading about assessment theory and research, that you know and understand the thinking behind the various theoretical perspectives that are out there
  3. You are able to make clear your critical understanding of that thinking by the way you state ideas, acknowledge where they came from, explain what you think they mean and challenge, using evidence from your reading, how valid they seem to be, especially where there is disagreement in the literature

For Assessment Criterion 2:

You’ll know your writing “supports and explores thinking, where appropriate, by use of references to; experience in your own school; issues covered in course classes; relevant material from core texts; course documentation and wider academic reading” if:

  1. You avoid making dogmatic, unsupported statements or assertions
  2. It is clear from what you write that you have used research literature, particularly academic journal articles
  3. You have acknowledged those sources that have influenced your thinking or, rarely, quoted directly from them. (Extensive quotation is not required and uses up valuable words)
  4. You have used APA conventions in your referencing


For Assessment Criterion 3:

You’ll know your assignment “is written in an accurate, clear, structured and coherent manner, within the appropriate standards of academic presentation, including referencing conventions” if:

  1. You organize your thinking in a logical way, perhaps using the bullet pointed assessment criteria above to provide a structure, but only if you wish to and only if it helps
  2. Your language conveys meaning clearly.
  3. Your ideas are well-linked, consistently using appropriate linkage devices
  4. You use mainly the third person.

Check basic literacy criteria such as:

  • Meaning must be clear at first reading.
  • The essay should be organized logically.
  • There should be few spelling errors.
  • There should be few errors in grammar.
  • Sentences should be punctuated accurately.
  • There should be few errors in the use of other punctuation devices, such as paragraphing, capitalization and apostrophe.


General notes on submission:

  1. Assignments should be word processed in 12-point font, with at least 1.5 line spacing.
  2. Please note that the word limit of 3000 words (+/- 10%) includes citation and quotations, but excludes your Reference List. State the actual word length at the end of the assignment. IF YOU DO NOT ADHERE TO THE WORD LIMIT REGULATIONS YOUR ASSIGNMENT WILL AUTOMATICALLY FAIL. You will not be entitled to feedback.

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