In the WRITTEN component, working independently and using the provided template, you will be required to analyze the data gathered during the VIVA to;

•Demonstrate your ability to recall relevant knowledge (i.e. physiology/pathophysiology) that underpins the clinical scenario. (Process information)

•Demonstrate, via the application of that knowledge, how you processed the information to identify and prioritize key nursing problems and formulate nursing diagnoses. (Identify problems)

•Articulate goals of care (desired patient outcomes) and detail nursing actions/interventions you would perform to address that problem. Provide rationale for all nursing actions utilizing principles of evidence-based care. (Establish Goals; Take Action)

•Briefly describe how you would evaluate nursing interventions/actions provided. (Evaluate Outcomes)

•Reflect on your collegial practice and performance in this simulated episode of care with direct reference to the RN Standards for Practice (NMBA 2016). (Reflection)

•It is expected that you will engage with appropriate scholarly literature, the contemporary nursing practice evidence base, practice documents, guidelines and protocols to substantiate your clinical judgements and exploration of the scenarios.
Demonstrates ability to independently formulate a justified plan of nursing care for the client experiencing acute and chronic health problems, by responding to the assessments made and issues identified in the clinical scenario, and by implementing appropriate nursing actions and clinical interventions.
Need to be referenced with Harvard referencing style, (Australian resources), check rubric as reference is needed in almost all category. Research needed to be done , apply clinical reasoning cycle. Need to write in template provided.
I have attached resources, case, rubric and other information, write a good grade assignment as its worth 40% of total marks.I will add extra resources if i got more.

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