Length: 2500 words excluding references Research report setting out a strategic plan for starting and developing a career in the creative industries (with reference to a specific sector of your choice) First, your report should provide an account of employment opportunities, roles and pathways into a specific sector. It should detail the skills and experience required for the particular job/jobs you are interested in and explain what are the entry level positions or other entry routes (including informal ones) that might lead to this position, relating them to your own current level of skills and experience, as appropriate. Second, based on the evidence set out above, it should formulate a plan of action for getting started as a professional in the sector that you’re interested in. This can take many forms, ranging from freelancing and portfolio working to starting a business or applying for work at a company. For most students, the point of this assignment is for you to be able to research assess the current state of the sector, the employment opportunities, and make a clear case for which strategies are suitable for you, based on your own individual skills, experience and goals, as well as on the realities of the sector itself. As such, the second part of this report will be written in the first person. However, if you have no intention of entering the creative industries, it is possible for you to write the report from a more distanced standpoint, providing recommendations for a would be entrant to the creative industries, rather than for you specifically. If you have undertaken a placement, then your report should draw extensively on the primary research you have carried out during the placement. It should also draw on at least 5 secondary sources. If you have not undertaken a placement, your report should still draw on some kind of primary research, based on workplace observation or interviews. In addition you should show evidence that you have consulted at least 10 secondary sources.
Course Learning Outcomes to be met through this Brief: Research and analyze professional opportunities in the media and creative industries. Reflect upon how you might best develop and position your own projects, skills and professional plans in relation to these models and contexts. Research using qualitative methods and professional sources. Please note that these are the general learning outcomes for the course that are relevant to this assignment. However, for more specific guidance on what to include in your report please consult: 1. The Assessment Presentation Guide and Report Structure Guide sheets on Moodle. 2. The checklist and assessment criteria for this assignment below.
Equipment/Facilities/Resources required: University libraries and databases.
Estimated Hours for completion: 100
Appearance and Format All assignments should be typed, double-spaced, in 12p Times or similar font, with 3cm margins. All submitted work should be proofread and spell-checked thoroughly, with all references cited in the Harvard System (http://www.gre.ac.uk/studyskills/referencing).
Assessment checklist: Does the report present a coherent set of options and strategies? Support: Is the plan realistic and credible, supported by data? Sector: Is the sector clearly defined? Do you locate the role(s) you’re investigating in the professional context (e.g., through trade sources, practitioner-interviews, etc.)? Are the references relevant and used appropriately (e.g., you reference trade publications and other industry sources, books, journal articles, or news reporting)? Is it well written and proofread, with correct citations and a list of references (Harvard style) at the end?
Have you included your research tasks (2 individual and 1 group) as appendices?
Assessment Criteria: Plan of Action Support Analysis References Style 1st (70+)
Very clear plan of action.
You deploy primary and secondary data in a compelling way to support your case.
You offer a nuanced and full account of the sector, employment opportunities and a range of potential options for gaining entry to the sector
Your source materials are varied, current, and clearly relevant to your topic, demonstrating an independent approach.
Written in an engaging, accessible style, free of presentational errors, referenced in correct Harvard Style. Correct use of report template.
2:1 (60-69)
Plan of action noted, with some room for clarification.
You use primary and secondary data well, with room for improvement.
You provide a clear account of the sector, employment opportunities and a range of potential options for gaining entry to the sector
Your sources support your claims well, showing that you’ve done extensive research.
Your style is polished, with only minor errors of presentation and referencing.
2:2 (50-59)
Plan of action present, but need further articulation.
Primary and/or secondary data present, could be deployed better or more extensively.
You present the sector, employment opportunities and options, but clarification is needed.
You have done research, but with evident gaps.
Some errors of presentation and referencing.
3rd (40-49)
Plan of action only partially presented.
Limited or little use of data and references.
You have a partial account of the sector, employment opportunities and options, missing key aspects.
The use of sources is unclear, or too narrow to qualify as research at this level.
Noticeable shortcomings in presentation and referencing, errors present.
Fail (30-39)
Vague, confusing plan of action.
Insufficient use of data to support argument.
Missing many key elements relating to sector, employment opportunities and options.
Insufficient evidence of research.
Critical problems of presentation and referencing, many errors throughout.
Serious Fail (-29)
No plan of No use of data No reference No evidence of Severe,
action. to support argument.
to sector, employment opportunities or options.
research sources.
numerous errors, compromising readability. No use of Harvard Style.

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