Research and discuss documentary-style videos and their Modern Day Audiences within the context of Streaming Media.
The report should consider:
The modern audience for documentaries including online viewing patterns and the impact on video production and distribution.
Analyze research findings to reach coherent conclusions.

Findings must be backed with authoritative cited research and correct Harvard referencing.

The essay should discuss how documentary style videos and the rise of Media Convergence and online distribution has influenced the way users choose to engage with said documentaries in the age of streaming media like Netflix, Youtube and others (taking media convergence into account).

Documentaries (within the context of streaming media) in its many forms should be taken into account. referenceable real life examples should be used throughout. A critical part of this should be the emergence of the travelogue documentaries, produced by the likes of you tubers Devin Supertramp, and Peter McKinnon etc. and how they have built sustainable careers from their online distribution channels, discussing how they have utilized online distribution to build a career, citing statistics and researched facts. Other online documentary style endeavours by the likes of Vice, and how they stylistically differ should be discussed too.

Reputable websites and books should be used, with any references or points being backed up with a direct quote from the source. I have selected a 1650 word count. Any referenced books and sources must include direct quotes. Thank you.

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