Theme- Marketing

Topic Area- Marketing strategy for music industry

Focus- Marketing trends for purchasing music


Dissertation Topic

How the music industry is adapting to the world of streaming service and using marketing to try to stay afloat.


To analyze whether streaming services are profitable to the music industry.

To analyze how profitable streaming services are to musicians and how the music distribution industry has changed in the past ten years.

Introduction (10%) 1000 words

1.1 Intro

1.2 Research Background / Rationale

1.3 Research Aim and Objectives (4 to 5 objectives)( first objective is about the literature) , Research Question

1.4 Research scope -> working definition

1.5 Dissertation structure

Literature Review (20%) Approx 2000-2500 words

-> Theoretical Review

-> Empirical Review

Good visuals (graphs, pictures)

Methodology (15%) Approx 2000-2200

3.1 Research Methodology.

3.2 Research Approach (2 key approaches are inductive or deductive)

3.3 Research Strategies (Explanatory, descriptive, exploratory like interview research)/Design.

Qualitative and Quantitative.

Sampling Strategy.

3.4 Research Methods (explain the research method, interview data, surveys, analyse data etc) operational data.

3.5 Research Reliability and Validity (it is reliable because you did the pilot test for example or whatever survey I end up using)

3.6 Research Limitations (limitations of the methods)

3.7 Research Ethics

Findings and Discussion (25%) Approx 3000-3500

4.1 Finding 1 Discussion

-> Primary

-> Secondary

4.2 Finding 2 Discussion

Put all secondary and primary resource.

Conclusion and Recommendations (15%) Approx 800-1500

-Restatement the problem, research problem/objectives and steps taken.

-Give good recommendations like 4 to 5

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