Create a podcast describing personal literacy language journey


It is important that you identify what it is has led you to this very moment.  What literacy experiences have you had which have helped to build (or perhaps hinder) your own journey of learning?  You do not have to record your podcast, only a script is required to be submitted in the Dropbox.  Follow the steps below:


  1. Brainstorm the literacy experiences you have had in your journey.  This would include influential people who have helped you learn (such as teachers/peers/parents) and times when you had an ‘aha’ moment.  Where these experiences positive or negative and how have these impacted your attitude towards literacy and learning?
  2. Make yourself familiar with the assessment rubric. Refer back to these criteria during this process.
  3. Begin sketching out a plan for your podcast.  This can take many forms.  See the example below for ideas:
    1. Introduction to your literacy learning background (contextualise your situation for the listener).
    2. Identify 3 or 4 main experiences/influences which have shaped your literacy learning (use at least 4 supporting references to help strengthen your argument).
    3. Final thoughts on how this has impacted you and lessons you have taken from the experience.
  4. Research some theories on literacy learning to help support your ideas.  You should have a minimum of 4 references in your podcast.
  5. Put together your ideas – write your script.


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