Brand Management Exercises:

Each Exercise is separate, so they should each be a separate page. Please list references as well. Each exercise should address criteria 1-4 as well as the corresponding requirements in each subsection. Company: Pepsi and Coca-Cola

  1. Select two different brands in the same product category marketed to the individual consumer. The brands could be a tangible good, (e.g. razor blades, soft drinks, computers etc.) or a service (e.g. insurance, banks etc.). No alcohol or tobacco products please.
  2. Make sure the brands are comparably similar. For example, if we were going to use the automobile market as a category, you can compare Ford to General Motors (both automobile manufacturers). You can compare a Jaguar to a Lexus (both luxury automobile brands). You would not compare Advil to Tylenol for children (two different products & markets). Advil could be compared to Aleve. Both are adult pain relievers.
  3. Base your analysis on the following – identify the customer, brand equity, brand elements, brand positioning, brand portfolio; targeting, segmentation and marketing mix.
  4. Identify which brand you feel is more effective and support the reasons for your decision based on branding principles. You will create a running report with response to instructor feedback from the previous Unit. Instructions: In this assignment, you will select two brands:

Exercise 1

  • Segmentation
  • Targeting
  • The marketing mix

Exercise 2:

  • How they are building the brand?
  • How are they maintaining the brand?
  • How are they measuring the strength of the brand?

Exercise 3

  • Discussion on which brand you feel is more effective.
  • Support the reasons for your decision based on branding principles.

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