STEP 1: Go to the Orange Story websiteLinks to an external site.. View all of the videos, slideshows, quotes, and listen to the audio clips. You will need to go through all of the 4 chapters on the website.

STEP 2: Once you have finished all of the chapters and reviewed all content, please answer the following questions in the discussion post (make your post 500 words or more):

  • Share your experience, feelings, and thoughts of going through the Orange Story website. What new information was learned from this exercise?
  • With an awareness of the history and lessons of the Japanese American internment, what can we do to ensure that such an injustice is not repeated, for any group of people?
  • Compare the Japanese American internment and resettlement experience with the social stigma, trauma and expulsion experienced by other communities (e.g. refugees from war torn nations, new immigrants, homelessness).


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