Pre-Lab Questions:

1. Sketch the exterior of an earthworm with the anterior and posterior ends labeled. Also, label the dorsal and ventral sides of the worm.
2. How did you determine the anterior and posterior ends? The dorsal and ventral sides?
3. Describe two adaptations that earthworms have that make them suited for burrowing.
4. Discuss the role earthworms play in their environment.
5. What are the advantages of segmentation?

Discussion Questions:

1. Why might hermaphroditism be beneficial to earthworms?

2. Do earthworms have a complete digestive tract?

3. Look up and define the term cephalization. Do earthworms exhibit cephalization? Defend your answer.

4. Lumbricus Terrestris is an anecic native to Europe where it is considered a blessing for farmers and gardeners. For this reason, it has been imported to the United States, where it has spread to forest ecosystems. North American forests are typically dominated by epigeic and endogeic native worms. Why might many forestry ecologists consider Lumbricus Terrestris to be an invasive pest?

5. What adaptations does the earthworm have for living on land?

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