Transportation, The Implementation of Autonomous Vehicles

The research paper should be based on a topic discussed in the course. The requirements of this paper include a cover sheet (using the 6 line undergraduate entry), 3-5 numbered pages of text, and a reference page. The research paper requires at least five references. See Supporting Materials for the information literacy toolbox and student paper template for for this course.

NOTE: The topic chosen for this research paper should not be a topic discussed within the weekly assignments for this course.

Transportation, The Implementation of Autonomous Vehicle
As autonomous driving becomes a reality, manufacturers are shifting focus to connected vehicles and digital services. Autonomous or independent driving gives drivers the relief of driving long-distance journeys. There is no need to have any human intervention throughout the journey and are suitable for controlled roads with low-level speed. But with the evolution of electric vehicles being able to continuously drive on cruise control, could this invention be the reason for decreasing the amount of road safety accidents on major roads, highways, and interstates? Or will this cause an increase in the number of accidents and fatalities?

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