The purpose of our first discussion board assignment is to give students the opportunity to think critically about real world applications of psychological testing. For the current discussion, please address the following issues in your thread:

  1. Chapter 1 in the main class textbook (Cohen & Swerdlik, 2017) explores various “tools” that are used in psychological assessment (e.g., tests, interviews, portfolios, case histories etc.). Given your current or intended career path, identify and define at least one of these assessment tools that you presently use or likely will use in the future. Using an example, describe how you think you will apply this tool in a real world context.
  2. By and large, the purpose of psychological testing is to help the person being assessed (e.g., clinical case histories aid in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness). Using at least one scriptural citation, build an argument for whether or not psychological assessment is a Biblically-supported practice that Christian professionals can use to serve others.


support your assertions with at least one scholarly citation AND one scriptural citation (made in current APA format).  Appropriate citations of and references for all source materials should be made in current APA format.  First person (“I” and “we”) is allowed in all posts.

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