For each question you must cite your source in APA format.  Also, indicate the number for each question as you answer, so I will know where one answer ends and the other starts. (It doesn’t have to be an essay with intro body and conclusion. Just explain very well what each question is asking)

  1. Using two of the steps in glycolysis, explain how a favorable reaction is linked to an unfavorable reaction to allow the unfavorable reaction to occur. Be specific in your description. Include products and reactants, ΔG values, and whether the reactions are linked simultaneously or sequentially.
  2. Using a reaction from the citric acid cycle, explain oxidation and reduction. Be specific in your description. Include products and reactants, which molecules are oxidized and reduced, and what the oxidizing and reducing agents are in reaction.  Why must we speak of oxidation and reduction together?
  3. From glycolysis, pyruvate oxidation, the citric acid cycle and/or the electron transport chain, describe two examples of chemical reactions in which the entropy of a biological system decreases and two examples in which the entropy of a system increases
  4. What is feedback regulation? Give an example of aerobic respiration where feedback regulation helps to regulate this central metabolic pathway. Tell me which enzyme is regulated, whether it is positively or negatively regulated, and what metabolite is “feeding back” to regulate the interaction.
  5. Describe three ways that enzymes decrease the activation energy of a chemical reaction and give 2 examples of each.

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