Evaluate the history of public health and its current condition, issues, and challenges.

Review information presented in the Content for week 1.

-Discuss the differences in historic development of the Public Health and Global Health (minimum 2). Offer reasoning as to why these differences exist, if any.

-Pick one leading national Public Health issue and one leading Global Health issue. Explain why they are same or different. (Hint: COVID-19, regardless of Pandemic status, it might not be ranked similarly nationally and in Global community in terms of a leading Public Health issues today.)

-Offer 1-2 public health efforts targeting each of the issues and explain the funding sources for each. How are they similar or different? Why?

Make sure to support your reasoning and conclusions with evidence from credible sources (no less than 2).

Format citations and references in APA 7 – NO more than 500 words

Communicable diseases have always influenced human history, but today human health is more interconnected than ever. People and other disease carriers can travel the globe quickly, and advancements in health can be shared between countries more easily than ever. By comparing the Ebola outbreak in 1976 to the later outbreaks, we can see the specific impacts of globalization on public health. And Pandemic of COVID-19 makes us look at and understand Globalization from a different, more dangerous and touching every human on this Earthside.

How are public health and global health organized? Interdisciplinary teams play a key role in maintaining public health and responding to health crises all over the world, as do bilateral and multilateral agencies, and non-governmental organizations. Who’s involved? What are their roles? What challenges do they face in the complex landscape of global health?

Title: Global Health Governance and Policy: An Introduction. Authors: Eduardo Missoni, Guglielmo Pacileo, Fabrizio Tediosi


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The Globe

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Center for Global Development

Public Health Systems, History, Communication and Leadership (CPH material link)
Presentation slides are available here.
Web recording is available here.

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