1. What are business models and how are they a compliment to or alternative to traditional strategy models and tools? Outline your understanding of business innovation (BMI) and how BMI is different to product and process innovation.
  2. Critically evaluate the contention that traditional models of strategy bind companies into red oceans. In contrast, what are blue oceans and what tools can we use to look for and exploit blue oceans?

Remember:Provide full references to support your arguments. Try to use journals as much as possible. Many have been cited in lecture slides but also, try and research the most recent work published in respect of any of the core concepts.

Word count. 1500 words per each question. This excludes the bibliography so there is every incentive to demonstrate your reading and provide extensive ‘quality’ literature sources.


1.Tutor are going to prohibit use of a single company case study. What he mean is, don’t write an essay from the perspective of a single company. When using company examples, compare and contrast companies and use them to illustrate theoretical points.

2.Each question should make a contrast between what you think is 21 century strategy and what every you think preceded it.

3.Starting by questioning the question then spread the analyzing.


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