Follow the outline format guide (see attached) for a 2 – 3 page outline including the following information.

1. Your introductory paragraph, including your thesis statement
2. Your topic sentence for each paragraph, including the major points you use will to support your position. Include in-text citations and an APA style reference page.
3. Your topic sentences will address each of the following 7 areas.
• What are the main causes of poverty in the United States?
• How does discrimination impact poverty and income in the United States?
• How do education and housing impact poverty in the United States?
• What are the health and social impacts of living in poverty?
• What are some examples of policies that have been created to address poverty in the United States? Which of those policies do you think is the most effective and why do you think so?
• Do you think the current economic system in the United States allows people to easily get out of poverty? Why or why not?
• what do you think should be done to help address poverty and income inequality in the United States?

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