Answer each of the questions below based on the readings and videos this week.

1) What are the functions of local and county governments in Nevada? Where do they get their power? Where do they get their finances? How would you characterize the current demographic trends in Nevada? What do they portend for the future of the state?

2) What issues animated the Sagebrush Rebellion? Whose interests were expressed in that protest? Whose interests were ignored? How would you characterize the relationship between the federal and state governments?

Your answer to each question should be about 250 words minimum. After you have posted your own responses to the questions, please respond to a minimum of two of your fellow students’ posts. Make sure you refer specifically to details from the assigned sources, citing them appropriately, of course.

1. Chapters 9, 10 & 11 (pp. 111-145) in The Sagebrush State, 4th ed. by Michael W. Bowers

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