International Trade Law

  1. What are the realist and liberal perspectives on international relations? How do the different perceptions of the basic nature of mankind effect the beliefs of a realist and a liberal? (350-400) words
  2. What is forum shopping and how does it impact international litigation? What contractual provisions can be included in a contract to prevent conduct that creates the need to forum shop? (350-400)
  3. Under the law of the Convention on Contracts for the International Sales of Goods (CISG) what are the duties of a buyer of goods upon delivery of a shipment from the seller? What is the policy behind these duties which are required by the buyer? Also, what are the duties of a seller of goods under the CISG? (350-400)
  4. If you were to set up an e-commerce website what contract law features would you incorporate into your website? Please explain the reasoning behind your choices. (350-400)
  5. Consider international labor law. The Covid-19 virus is presenting many challenges for employers and employees. In the present environment – based on labor law practices in each region – if you were an employer which region of the world would you like to have a business Asia, the United States or Europe? Based on labor law practices if you were an employee which region of the world would you like to have a job Asia, the United States or Europe?  (350-400)

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