Week 11 Weekly Check-Ins:
WCI 1: Assignment – Topic Selection, Brainstorming & Thesis Statement
Students need to choose a specific conspiracy theory OR cult, and answer the questions in the directions (this is brainstorming). Students also need to have a working thesis statement.

WCI 2: Assignment – Works Cited Page
Students need to submit all their potential sources. Students must submit 4 of the correct type of sources; students who are having trouble deciding are more than welcome to submit more than four for feedback on which sources are the strongest.
Critical Analysis: Brainstorming Questions
When approaching this essay, students should think about the following questions:
What is the conspiracy theory or cult?
What is trying to accomplish – and why?
How does/did it accomplish its goal(s)? What methods, arguments, actions, etc. does it use? Was it successful – why or why not?
How does/did it seek credibility? Was it successful – why or why not?
What are the reasons that this is considered a conspiracy theory or cult? Why is this not an accepted idea/way of life?
Answering these questions in-depth will provide strong information to begin researching and completing an outline.

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