Title: A risk management framework for distributed agile projects.

Actually, this project is to propose a risk management framework for distributed agile projects…
First of all, need to find out the causes of all risks affecting DAD projects, understand how dsd properties/characteristics/features are impacting Distributed agile (DAD) projects.
then we need to find out all existing risk management frameworks developed by other authors that are being used in DAD projects. and then analyze their shortcomings and advantages… then propose a better risk management framework to eliminate these shortcomings and risk causes/factors… then need to validate this proposed improved framework by implementing in real-life DAD projects.

My 5 Research questions are as follows:
RQ1: What are the causes and factors of risks that adversely affect DAD projects?
RQ2: How do the DAD features adversely affect DAD projects?
RQ3: What are the shortcomings of the existing risk management frameworks used in DAD projects?
RQ4: What efforts can be made to improve the risk management framework to minimize these shortcomings identified in RQ3 in DAD projects?
RQ5: To what extent will the proposed risk mgt framework benefit real-time DAD projects (in Mauritius?)?

Dissertation format- should include
literature review
data analysis
recommendations for better framework
validation of improved framework
conclusions + recommendations
references [around 50 references]

Review the article links attached in excel sheet… and omit if not relevant but need to state why omitting them.. and look for other relevant articles if not sufficient.

This topic is mixed [quan + qual] … so need to include survey questionnaire + interview questions / answers [should collect from around 150 participants + interview at least 10 experienced professionals] … SPSS will be use to analyze quantitative data

Please do send me draft each day if possible or two days for progress.

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