Introduction including:
The problem or topic addressed by the paper
The purpose of the paper
The scope of the paper
The paper’s plan of discussion

Discussion Section:
1) What are the trade-offs for a company who chooses not to use  the production and operations function you are writing about?
2) Economic impacts for using the operations function
3) Customer impacts for using the operations function
4) Methods for a company to market the operations function in its  manufacturing and service organization.
5) Discuss competitive advantages for a company using the operations function.
6) Discuss how improvements in cost, quality, timeliness, and availability of products and services can be used to measure performance of the operations function.
7) Give real life examples of companies who have been successful using the operations function (minimum 2 companies)
8) Conclusion
9) References (please use 3 to 5; the textbook can count as one)

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