Write a 5-7page paper. The paper should be typed and doubles-spaced. The paper should have a 12-point font Times New Roman and 1-inch margins on all sides.

Subject : the great depression was the worst economic catastrophe to hit the United States. There is a great debate as to the root cause of the great depression which arguably began with the Stock Market Crash in October 1929. Find at least 3 causes given by historians and/or economists for the great depression. What arguments are given for each of these 3 causes? Evaluate each of these causes you selected. Which of the 3 causes was the strongest in your view for explaining why the depression happened? Why? Give specific reasons and examples to make your case.

Citations: for this paper you need at least 3 sources. You cannot consult any internet source unless it is a journal article from jstor.org. Otherwise consult books and journal articles form any library in the area. At the very end of your paper insert a bibliography to indicate the sources you used. The bibliography does not count toward the 5-7page requirement for the paper. If you are borrowing a thought or reference from a source in the body of your paper you need to include a citation. For this paper you may use parenthetical ciation (author’s name, title, page number)

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