1. Select one scenario from the Responding to Ethical and Legal Issues – Case Study multimedia presentation and discuss the client’s identity.
2. Describe the client’s stage in life, gender dynamics, race or ethnicity, economic status, et cetera.

3. Consider your results from Exercise 3.6, “Appraise Your Ability to Work With Diversity,” on page 25 in your exercise manual. (You completed this assessment during Unit 1.) Do you believe you would be prepared to work with this client and demonstrate cultural competence?

Results: In completing this self-assessment, my four highest scores included,
I would not like to live (don’t like living) in a homogeneous culture (Egan & Reese, 2019).
Because of the richness of human diversity, when I meet and deal with others I am always a learner (Egan & Reese, 2019).
I think that it is important for me to understand whatever diversity and cultural biases (such as racism, anti-Arabism, anti-Semitism, and the like) I have and to deal with them (Egan & Reese, 2019).
Although I realize that differences can be a cause of conflict, I believe that differences can also be a source of human enrichment (Egan & Reese, 2019).

My lowest score included:

I see culture as a two-way street: I want to understand and respect the cultural differences of others, but I also expect them to do the same for me (Egan & Reese, 2019).
This assessment revealed my appreciation of cultural diversity, although I understand I still have growth. I believe the traits we learn throughout life builds or demolishes our understanding of cultural diversity. I have a better understanding of how to treat individuals based on experiences, personal and professional. Although I would like to be treated as I treat others, I have come to realize, this may not always be received as I have come to receive it.
My results for the Kuder Task Self-Efficacy Scale media presentation expressed high scores in literary, persuasive and social services; least, scientific and mechanical. The assessment proved correct about my interests and disinterests. I love helping others, and working in the human services field is where I know I belong.

4. What cultural factors would be important to keep in mind as you meet with the client?

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